User's Guide to NCAR


and LSM1.1

Links to either the documentation on CCM3.6 or the LSM1.1 (the version of LSM included with CCM3.6).  This documentation is intended to help users be able to work with the code and run it in it's different configurations, as well as information for the advanced user to modify the code. It does not provide a detailed scientific description of the parameterizations, just providing detailed description of the code itself.

Both versions include both an on-line HTML version and a paper copy (of the entire document in one file) in either POSTSCRIPT or MS Word-97 format. The HTML version is complete with search engines, navigation buttons, and cross referencing hyperlinks. The HTML version will also periodically be updated (modification dates and revision information appear at the bottom of the HTML files). The paper copies are complete with page numbers, and cross referencing page numbers in the list of tables and figures.

Both of these links start the user out in the search page.  From there you can either search for a topic of interest, download the paper copy, proceed into the document, or go directly to the table of contents.