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The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)

The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3) is no longer supported, use the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) for the latest model that includes limited support for use of the community.

CCM3 Software Tools.


  1. makdep: A dependency generator which doesn't use perl.
  2. ccm2nc: CCM history file to netCDF filter: Jan/21/1999
    (Also hsum, writes out header and summary information of a CCM history file)

ccm2nc install notes: This code requires that the version 3 netcdf libraries be installed on your system. Then download, uncompress and "tar -xf" the hUtils-1.x.tar.Z distribution code. Sample Makefiles are included in the distribution. Modify the Makefile most appropriate for your system to reflect the location of your system libraries. Then run "make" to build the ccm2nc executable.

Last modified: Jan/21/1999

Remember CCM3 is now unsupported, use CAM for the latest Atmospheric Model for use of climate science.

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