New and updated diagnostics packages are (or will soon be) available for the diagnosis of SCAM, CAM and CCSM simulations. Some are modified version of existing diagnostics packages still avaliable here.

Diagnosis of Climatological Monthly Means

An extensive analysis package that diagnoses monthly mean output of CAM of CCSM integrations. The package requires at least a year of model monthly averaged history output (h0 files) and produces a number of diagnostic plots and metrics in a series of easily navigable web pages. Comparisons are either between two model integrations or a single model integration against numerous observed datasets.

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Diagnosis of Variability (Monthly, Daily and 6-hourly means)

Running and Diagnosis of Single-Column CAM (SCAM) integrations

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Rich Neale (rneale(*a*t*)
Climate and Global Dynamics Division
National Center for Atmospheric Research