Day 1

Not the SAM, David W.J. Thompson, Colorado State University [presentation] [video]

Drivers of Antarctic sea-ice expansion and Southern Ocean surface cooling over the past four decades, Matthew England, UNSW [presentation] [video]

Impact of SAM on the seasonal cycle of sea ice extent around Antarctica, Ed Doddridge, MIT [presentation] [video]

Factors influencing regional Antarctic sea ice change, Marika Holland, NCAR-CGD [presentation] [video]

The meandering and spiraling pathway of the Antarctic circumpolar Current and climate variations, Lynne Talley [presentation] [video]

Transport and dynamics of the ACC in Drake Passage from observations made during cDrake, Teresa Chereskin [presentation] [video]

Is the Antarctic Circumpolar Current related to the Meridional Overturning Circulation? Andy Hogg, Australian National University [presentation] [video]

Eddy saturation of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, David Marshall, Oxford [presentation] [video]

Could Cabbeling play a limiting role for the surface to interior pathway of Anthropogenic Carbon in the Southern Ocean? Sjoerd Groeskamp [presentation] [video]

Ocean - ice shelf interaction and bottom water formation in East Antarctica, Steve Rintoul, CSIRO [presentation] [video]

Projected Changes in the Ross Sea: Influence of wind, atmospheric temperature and freshwater inflow, John Klinck, Old Dominion University [presentation] [video]

Southern Ocean Water Mass Transformation Driven by Sea Ice, Ryan Abernathey, Columbia [presentation] [video]

Eddy/tidal mixing and transport at the Antarctic margins, Andrew Stewart, UCLA [presentation] [video]

Day 2

Observed mesoscale eddy signatures in Southern Ocean surface mixed-layer depth, Ute Hausmann [presentation] [video]

Mesoscale modulation of air-sea CO2 flux in Drake Passage, Hajoon Song [presentation] [video]

The effect of resolving versus parameterizing the ocean mesoscale on ocean anthropogenic carbon storage, Ivy Frenger [presentation] [video]

Spatial Variations of Submesoscale Instabilities in Drake Passage, Giuliana Viglione [presentation] [video]

Gradients of bio-optical properties within the Southern Ocean mixed layer, Magdalena Carranza [presentation] [video]

Role of the Southern Ocean in the Regulation of Carbon, Heat, and Biological Productivity, Jorge Sarmiento [presentation] [video]

Seasonal cycle of nitrate observed with SOCCOM profiling floats and implications for carbon export, Ken Johnson [presentation] [video]

How the cryosphere may affect iron supply to Antarctic phytoplankton blooms, Mike Dinniman [presentation] [video]

Variability in the mechanisms controlling Southern Ocean phytoplankton bloom phenology in an ocean model and satellite observations, Tyler Rohr [presentation] [video]

Atmospheric oxygen constraints on Southern Ocean air-sea CO2 flux seasonality, Britton Stephens [presentation] [video]

Airborne constraints on Southern Ocean carbon and oxygen fluxes: implications for magnitude of exchange and the importance of intense, Eric Kort [presentation] [video]

Atmospheric constraints on Southern Ocean carbon exchange, Andy Jacobson [presentation] [video]

Day 3

The role of the Antarctic Ocean in glacial/interglacial CO2 change as diagnosed from upper ocean biogeochemical conditions, Daniel M. Sigman [presentation] [video]

Deep-Sea Coral Evidence for the State of the Southern Ocean Biological Pump and Circulation During the Last Glacial Period and Deglaciation, Jess Adkins [presentation] [video]

The ocean meridional overturning circulation at the LGM, Raffaele Ferrari [presentation] [video]

Deciphering deep ocean circulation changes between the present and last glacial maximum, Malte Jansen [presentation] [video]

Does Southern Ocean surface forcing shape the global ocean overturning circulation? Shantong Sun [presentation] [video]

Geochemical evidence for the state of the ice-age Southern Ocean, Bob Anderson [presentation] [video]

Linking Glacial-Interglacial cycles to multiple equilibria of climate, David Ferreira [presentation] [video]

Carbon cycle responses to the multiple equilibria of climate, Taka Ito [presentation] [video]

Insight into glacial interhemispheric ocean dynamics using a time dependent box model with realistic ocean physics, Sophia Hines [presentation] [video]

The dynamics of a multi-basin overturning circulation, Andrew Thompson [presentation] [video]

The Atlantic-Pacific Buoyancy Dipole: a Global Context for Southern Ocean Zonal Asymmetry, Emily Newsom [presentation] [video]

Pathways of upwelling deep waters to the surface of the Southern Ocean, Veronica Tamsitt [presentation] [video]

Southern Ocean upwelling timescales, Adele Morrison [presentation] [video]

Observations of the Southern Ocean Meridional Overturning Circulation from Argo Data, Alison Gray [presentation] [video]

Localized rapid warming of West Antarctic subsurface waters by remote winds, Paul Spence [presentation] [video]

Day 4

Overturning Compensation in an Eddy-Resolving Climate Simulation, Peter Gent [presentation] [video]

Why the ventilation-defined ocean surface layer is materially and dynamically isolated from the adiabatic interior, Todd Ringler [presentation] [video]

Timescales of mesoscale eddy equilibration in the Southern Ocean, Anirban Sinha [presentation] [video]

Topographic closure of the overturning circulation in the Southern Ocean, Xiaozhou Ruan [presentation] [video]