CGD Research Reports | CCR Speakers

September 1, 2016CCR John Fasullo A Future Without a Summer
September 29, 2016CCR Clay Tabor Modeling the Chicxulub impact event
October 13, 2016CCR Marcus Lofverstrom 
November 10, 2016CCR Aixue Hu The influence of perturbed ocean initial condition on projected sea level change
January 19, 2017CCR Gerald Meehl 
February 16, 2017CCR Sam Stevenson Impacts of Climate Variability on Megadrought Risk
March 16, 2017CCR Angie Pendergrass 
April 13, 2017CCR Jean-Francois Lamarque 
May 11, 2017CCR Claudia Tebaldi  Something about 1.5 vs 2C targets