CGD Research Reports | TSS Speakers

September 1, 2016TSS Bas van Ruijven 
October 13, 2016TSS Ahmed Tawfik Unifying Land-Atmosphere Interactions in two equations
November 10, 2016TSS Gordon Bonan 
December 8, 2016TSS Yaqiong Lu Crop growth responses to elevated CO2, irrigation, nitrogen fertilization in CLM5
January 12, 2017TSS Will Wieder Building confidence in soil C projections
January 19, 2017TSS Danica Lombardozzi Climate impact of cover crops
February 16, 2017TSS Leiwen Jiang US subnational urbanizaiton projection
March 16, 2017TSS Rosie Fisher

Death spirals, super plants and the tragedy of the commons: adventures through the CLM5 parameter space.  

April 6, 2017TSS Dave Lawrence 
April 27, 2017TSS Justin Perket 
May 25, 2017TSS Keith Oleson 






September 17, 2015TSSAhmed TawfikLand-Atmosphere Coupling (?) Diagnostics for CESM
October 15, 2015TSSRosie FisherThe CLM 5 Nitrogen Cycle
November 12, 2015TSSPeter LawrenceUsing MODIS Satellite Observations to Understand Differences in Surface Climate between Land Cover Types
January 7, 2016TSSDave LawrenceTBD
January 21, 2016TSSDanica LombardozziTBD
February 18, 2016TSSMatthias WeitzelMaking iPETS faster: A parallel solution approach
March 17, 2016TSSGordon Bonantitle
April 28, 2016TSSEmily LaidlawThe use of CESM output in climate impact assessments
May 26, 2016TSSWill WiederTBD






2014 - 2015 TSS Speakers

October 9, 2014TSSGordon BonanCanopy modeling
November 6, 2014TSSSean SwensonLow-frequency terrestrial water storage variability in CLM
November 20, 2014TSSRosie FisherVegetation models without climate envelopes
December 18, 2014TSSBas van RuijvenUpdate of the LAMP project
January 22, 2015TSSDanica Lombardozzi
February 5, 2015TSSSam LevisSimulation outcomes with the post4.5 version of CLMcrop
March 5, 2015TSSMatthias WeitzeliPETS model updates and iPETS in the GAMS language
April 2, 2015TSSPeter LawrenceLand Cover Change in CESM compared to MODIS satellite products
April 16, 2015TSSKeith Oleson

Future urban development: Effects on the urban heat island and building energy

May14, 2015TSSElizabeth BurakowskiCLM Point Simulations for a cluster of temperate region flux towers