CGD Staff Awards

2014 CGD Awards

Chih-Chieh-Jack Chen

NASA, NASA Group Achievement Award

John Fasullo

Journal of Climate Editors Award 2014

Gerald Meehl

American Geophysical Uniton, AGU Fellow

Claudia Tebaldi

American Geophysical Union, Excellence in Refereeing

Kevin Trenberth

Colorado Governor's Award for High-Impact Research in the Sustainability category for the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) Project

Warren Washington

Oregon State University, College of Science 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award
Association of American Geographers, 2014 Honorary Geographer Award

Will Wieder

Ecological Society of America, Gene Likens Award

2013 CGD Awards

Gordon Bonan

American Geophysical Union, AGU Fellow

Clara Deser

Outstanding Publication, Nominated

Alicia Karspeck

International Society for Disease Surveillance, 1st place award for Outstanding Research Article in Biosurveillance in the Scientific Achievement category

Joanie Kleypas

U.S. Geophysical Survey, Shoemaker Award for Communication Excellence

Adam Phillips

Outstanding Publication, Nominated

Kevin Trenberth

AGU's 2013 Climate Communication Prize, Honorable Mention

Warren Washington

American Geophysical Union, AGU Fellow
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Honorary Doctorate,
NOBCChE Percy L. Julian Award

2012 CGD Awards

Jeff Kiehl

AGU 2012 Climate Communication Prize

Kevin Trenberth

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water,
2012 Surface Water Prize

Peter Bogenschutz

University of Utah, Excellence in Graduate Research,
Developing turbulence and cloud parameterizations for cloud resolving models

2011 CGD Awards

Joan Kleypas

2011 Heinz Recipient, Environment

Yuko Okumura

2011 Editor's Award, Journal of Climate

David Williamson

2011 CESM Distinguished Achievement Award

2010 CGD Awards

James Hurrell

2010 Fellow, American Geophysical Union

Brian O'Neill

2010 Firor-Jacobsen Fellow

Bette Otto-Bliesner

2010 AMS/Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer

Warren Washington

2010 Warren Washington Special Symposium, at the American Meteorological Society 2010 Annual Meeting
2010 Tzvi Gal-Chen Memorial Lecturer, University of Oklahoma
2010 James E. Stewart Award from the American Association of Blacks in Energy
2010 Tzvi Gal-Chen Memorial Lecturer, for significant contributions to the study of climate change
2010 Charles Hosler Medal from Pensylvania State University in recognition of "your remarkable career as a talented scientist and skillful leadership."
2010 Warren Washington Day, City of Corvallis, Oregon Proclamation declares November 3, 2010 as Warren Washington Day.
2010 National Medal of Science for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of Earth's coupled climate system through numerical simulation, leadership in U.S. science policy, and inspiring mentorship of young people of all backgrounds and origins.

Mariana Vertenstein

2010 CESM Distinguished Achievement Award

2009 CGD Awards

Gokhan Danabasoglu

2009 CCSM Distinguished Achievement Award

Joanie Kleypas

2009 AGU Rachel Carson Lecture Award

Gerald Meehl

2009 Jule G. Charney Award: for outstanding contributions to modeling climate and its response to human and natural changes

Warren Washington

2009 Jule G. Charney Award: for outstanding contributions to modeling climate and its response to human and natural changes
2009 Essence Magazine Green Award
2009 Election to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

2008 CGD Awards

CCSM Land Model Working Group

2008 CCSM Distinguished Achievement Award

Joanie Kleypas

2008 AGU Rachel Carson Lecture Award

Kevin Trenberth

2008 Yoshi Ogura lecture, University of Illinoise at Champaign-Urbana, 15 October
2008 Honorary fellow of the Institute of Green Professionals, 15 October

Warren Washington

2008 Honorary Doctorate of Science, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

2007 CGD Awards

2007 Nobel Prize

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore. Scores of scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have served as authors or reviewers for the four assessment reports issued by IPCC since 1990, and several NCAR scientists have played leadership roles. UCAR technical staff have provided considerable administrative support. [authors + reviewers] [press release]

Clara Deser

2007 AMS Fellow

Jeff Kiehl

2007 AGU Fellow

Kevin Trenberth

2007 American Geophysical Union Editor's citation for excellence in reviewing
2007 Massachusetts Marine Educators award of Certificate of Appreciation
2007 Nobel Laureate (shared) for Nobel Peace Prize (as part of IPCC)
2007 ASLI CHOICE award for the 2007 IPCC WG I assessment volume

Warren Washington

2007 Charles Franklin Brooks Award for Outstanding Services to the Society
2007 Experience Works, Primetime Award for Outstanding Older Worker for Colorado>
2007 U. S. Department of Energy Lifetime Achievement Award from Raymond L. Orbach
2007 Warren Washington Symposium on Climate Modeling, Prediction and Science Policy, NCAR

2006 CGD Awards

Byron Boville

2006 UCAR CCSM Distinguished Achievement Award

James Hurrell

2006 AMS Fellow
2006 College of Science Distinguished Alumnus Award at Purdue University

Peter Lauritzen

2006 Young Scientists' Outstanding Poster Paper Award [poster]

Natalie Mahowald

2006 Henry G. Houghton Award

Gerald Meehl

2006 AMS Fellow

Chester Newton

2006 AMS Honorary Member

Kevin Trenberth

2006 Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

Warren Washington

2006 AMS Honorary Member
2006 Charles Franklin Brooks Award

Tom Wigley

2006 AMS Editor's Award




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