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The goal of this web site is to consolidate listing of software resources throughout CGD. Some of the items listed here are web sites, while others are actual code. CGD also also compiled a listing of answers to the technical issues posted to the divisions tech help line.

General netCDF

netCDF operators (NCO): A suite of operators designed to efficiently process netCDF data. Functionality includes concatenation, extraction, attribute modification, and averaging. In addition to the user's manual on the main NCO web site, there is a NCO user's manual that focuses on some of the most common applications within CGD.

UNIDATA: also has tools specifically designed to process netCDF files.

NCAR Command Language (NCL)

NCL is an interpreted computer language like IDL or MATLAB. It is free to all users. It is very useful for the visualization and data processing of netCDF, GRIB, HDF, and CCSM data.

Useful links:


ccm2nc: An operator which efficiently converts files in CCM History Tape (CCMHT) format to netCDF following the CSM netCDF conventions. This tool can handle CCMHT files written with Cray or IEEE. Brian Eaton is the creator and point of contact for this executable. There is an AIX version of the executable for use on blackforest. The path is:

Install notes: This code requires that the version 3 netCDF libraries be installed on your system. Then download, uncompress and "tar -xf" the hUtils-1.x.tar.Z distribution code. Sample Makefiles are included in the distribution. Modify the Makefile most appropriate for your system to reflect the location of your system libraries. Then run "make" to build the ccm2nc executable.

makdep: A dependency generator which doesn't use perl.

CCSM Support Network: Provides visualization, data processing, and file handling support to CCSM users. Contains over 365 graphical images, 125+ script examples, and numerous reference pages.

Model Diagnostic Packages

WGNE Atmospheric Diagnostics: A complete diagnostic package that calculates the 7 WGNE diagnostic sets and produces tables and plots of the data. You can see model cases compared using this package at the CCSM AMWG model comparison diagnostic archive

PBL Atmospheric Diagnostics: A specialized package to analysis the pbl. The user can input variables and transects to examine, or except the default choices.

Other Data

grb2nc : a local script to convert GRIB to netCDF data

Educational Software for Teachers

Global Change Instruction Program. A list of courses developed by various universities focusing on climate and geophysical sciences.

WorldWatcher WorldWatcher, a supportive scientific visualization environment for the investigation of scientific data, is an enhanced version of the ClimateWatcher software that has been in use in K-12 and college classrooms since April 1996.