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International Committee On New Integrated Climate change assessment Scenarios

The ICONICS committee aims to organize the process of developing new socioeconomic scenarios to facilitate interdisciplinary research and assessment on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The ICONICS Committee was proposed in November 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, at the Workshop on The Nature and Use of New Socioeconomic Pathways for Climate Change Research. Shortly thereafter, members of the IAM and IAV communities self-organized a Joint IAV-IAM Committee on Development and Use of Socioeconomic Scenarios to:

a) Complete Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) including narratives and quantification from models and other sources; and

b) Facilitate establishment of a research program and limited coordinating infrastructure for a long term IAV-IAM agenda for development and application of integrated scenarios beyond the IPCC AR5.

The work of the committee is organized into several working groups.

More information on the process of developing new socioeconomic scenarios can be found here:




ICONICS Mailing List

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