CGD Sections

NCAR Mesa Lab and Flatirons in Boulder, CO

Research Sections

AMP Atmospheric Modeling & Predictability research focus is to increase understanding of the atmosphere and its role in the climate system, through modeling and observational studies, and to represent that understanding in improved atmospheric models. AMP also develops the scientific understanding of the dynamics and predictability of large-scale atmospheric variability and coupled variability on time scales of days to decades.

CAS Climate Analysis research focus is to increase understanding of the atmosphere through empirical studies and diagnostic analyses of the atmosphere and its interactions with the earth's surface and oceans on a wide range of time scales.

CCR Climate Change Research uses appropriate climate system models to study the response of the Earth system to a variety of forcings, including changes of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases and aerosols.

OS Oceanography research is understanding the large-scale ocean circulation and the dynamics of climate through studies of the important processes in the ocean, in air-sea interaction, and in coupled systems.

PPC Paleo & Polar Climate section is to enhance understanding of the workings of the climate system through investigations of past climates and the role of polar regions in climate variability and change.

TSS Terrestrial Sciences studies land-atmosphere interactions, in particular surface forcing of the atmosphere, through model development, application, and observational analyses.