Welcome to the territory of Nunavut, formerly part of the Northwest Territories of Canada!

Here's a map (courtesy of the Nunavut Handbook) to help you locate some places. I've noted Cape Herschel with a star. That is at latitude 78.6 N! Resolute on Cornwallis Island is the home of the Polar Continental Shelf Project which supports researchers in the Canadian Arctic. This field work was a part of the North Water Polynya project.


Here is a series of pictures that I scanned in from my slides. The quality is not that good , but I think you can get an idea. If you click on the image, you can get the full-size shot.

The camp at Cape Herschel.
My home for five weeks.
A view towards the polynya in Smith Sound and the Canadian Coast Guard ship Pierre Radisson.
An Arctic hare.
Me at the edge of Cape Herschel overlooking Smith Sound and Greenland.
Me at the ice edge near Smith Sound.
An Arctic fox.
Pretty ice melting. Looks like a sculpture.
Look! Real dirty sea-ice!
Me on a snowmobile in front of the iceberg we used for water.
Looking out over Rosse Bay and Pim Island at 11pm local time!

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