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Keith Lindsay, Project Scientist IV

Current Research

My research is mainly related to modeling ocean biogeochemical cycyles and the global carbon cycle. The primary tool that I use for this research is the Community Earth System Model (CESM). I work with two different working groups of CESM, the Biogeochemistry Working Group, for which I am a working group co-chair and the community liaison, and the Ocean Model Working Group.

The ocean model used in CCSM is POP. One of the features of POP is that it uses a displaced-pole grid. Here are some figures depicting example grids.

One of the projects that I am worked on is investigating tracer advection schemes in our ocean model.

  • results when the schemes are applied to active tracers
  • results when the schemes are applied to an ecosystem model

Background Information

I came to NCAR in the fall of 1998 and worked with Scott Doney, who is now at Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institute. I initially worked with NCAR's participation in OCMIP. NCAR results for OCMIP are available at: NCAR OCMIP.

I earned my Ph.D. in 1997 at The University of Michigan in the Mathematics Department under the supervision of Robert Krasny. My dissertation was about an adaptive treecode to compute the evolution of a three-dimensional vortex sheet. A page providing references, including my dissertation itself, and access to the code is here: vort_treecode.


Ph.D., Mathematics, 1997, The University of Michigan, Thesis: A Three-Dimensional Cartesian Tree-Code and Applications to Vortex Sheet Roll-Up, (Dr. Robert Krasny, advisor)

M.S., Mathematics, 1993, The University of Michigan

B.S., Computer Science & Mathematics, 1991, Virginia Tech

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Keith Lindsay, PS III