Solomon response to Landsea, 9 December 2004

From: Susan Solomon

Subject: Re: Hurricanes and Global Warming for IPCC

Dear Chris,

I am writing as co-chair of WG1 of IPCC in response to your messages.

You may wish to recall that when you or I are introduced as NOAA scientists, it is well understood that we are not speaking for NOAA much less the US government. That is standard practice in scientific work in all institutions and organizations. Further, as you know, the publication date of the fourth assessment report will be 2007. I would like to suggest that it is quite clear that no person can speak on behalf of that assessment's scientific conclusions until it is available.

While different scientists involved in climate studies have different views, the assessment will represent, as in the TAR, a careful consensus based upon consideration of published scientific literature. It will, as in TAR, include consideration of observed frequency and intensity changes as well as available modelling studies. The authors of chapter 3 will weigh all relevant papers and come to a consensus as a group, with important input from an extensive review process. I am confident that the process will be a diligent one.

The appropriate means now for you to ensure your concerns are considered would be to send any reprints or preprints that you think relevant to us at We will also ask you if you wish to review the chapter during the expert review phase of the first order draft that will begin in the mid-2005, but of course it will be your decision whether or not you wish to do so at that time so please inform us then.

best regards,