Citations and User Access Acknowledgments

Revised April 1998

 Citations for the VEMAP database

Kittel, T.G.F., N.A. Rosenbloom, T.H. Painter, D.S. Schimel, H.H. Fisher, A. Grimsdell, VEMAP Participants, C. Daly, and E.R. Hunt, Jr. (1996) The VEMAP Phase I Database: An Integrated Input Dataset for Ecosystem and Vegetation Modeling for the Conterminous United States. CDROM and World Wide Web (URL=

Kittel, T.G.F., N.A. Rosenbloom, T.H. Painter, D.S. Schimel, and VEMAP Modeling Participants (1995) The VEMAP integrated database for modeling United States ecosystem/vegetation sensitivity to climate change. Journal of Biogeography 22(4-5):857-862.


Users are requested to acknowledge that access to the dataset was provided by the Climate System Modeling Program, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, and the Ecosystem Dynamics and the Atmosphere Section, Climate and Global Dynamics Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Development of the VEMAP database was supported by NASA Mission to Planet Earth, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USDA Forest Service Southern Region Global Change Research Program, and NSF-ATM Climate Dynamics Program through the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's Climate System Modeling Program.