IS92a Global [CO2] Yearly Dataset - v.1 (IS92a.dat)

Derived from : CO2-Scenarios IS92A/IS95A

VEMAP Revision Date 21 May 1999
Released by : VEMAP Data Group (D. Schimel, N. Rosenbloom, and T. Kittel)


Source : Fortunat Joos <
Model : HILDA (beta=0.287)
Date : 23. July 1996

Note that IS92a CO2 values are identical to IS95a CO2 values.


Yearly time series of global atmospheric CO2 concentration data for the
period 1765-2100. Units are [ppmv]. The historical data (1765-1990)
are based on the standard IPCC CO2 concentration history dataset
(Enting et al. 1994).


(1) Data for 1765-1990 are from Enting et al.'s (1994) 1765-1990 dataset
derived using a spline fit of Mauna Loa and ice core data.

(2) The future period record (1990-2100) was created by processing the
IS92a emission data through the Bern (Joos et al., 1996) global carbon cycle model
which was used to calculate terrestrial and oceanic uptake of atmosopheric CO2.
This modeling approach is described in Enting et al. (1994).

File information:

Filename: IS92a.dat
File format: ASCII

Values are midyear (1 July) 1765-2100

Column labels are:

Year CO2 [ppmv]
1765 277.966
1766 277.995
. .
. .
. .
. .
2098 701.3040
2099 706.4650
2100 711.6810


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