Ahlert, Abigail, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Allard, Rick, Naval Research Laboratory[email]

Bailey, Dave, NCAR [email]

Cavallo, Steven, University of Oklahoma [email]

Deal, Clara, University of Alaska[email]

DuVivier, Alice, NCAR [email]

Holland, Marika, [email]

Hunke, Elizabeth [email]

Hutchings, Jennifer, Oregon State University [email]

Interieri, Janet, NOAA [email]

Jeffery, Nicole, LANL [email]

Jin, Meibing, University of Alaska [email]

Kay, Jennifer, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Kochanski, Kelly, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Kurtz, Nathan, NASA [email]

Landrum, Laura [email]

Maslowski, Wieslaw, Naval Postgraduate School [email]

Liston, Glen, CSU [email]

Matthes, Heidrun, AWI [email]

Perovich, Don, Dartmouth College [email]

Persson, Ola, NOAA [email]

Petty, Alek, University of Maryland [email]

Roberts, Andrew, Naval Postgraduate School [email]

Schmidt, Sebastian, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Shupe, Matthew, NOAA [email]

Solomon, Amy, NOAA [email]

Stanton, Tim, Naval Postgraduate School [email]

Steele, Michael, University of Washington [email]

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