Previous CGD Seminar Series

2016-2017 Seminars

Cheryl Harrison, NCAR/CGD Effects of mesoscale turbulence on carbon export: a global perspective [abstract]
Gunilla Svensson, Stockholm University Observations and modeling of the atmospheric boundary layer and its impact on the general circulation [abstract] [ video]
Clara Draper, NASA Land data assimilation, and the use of land surface observations in NASA's reanalysis program [abstract] [ video]
Yuanlong Li, CU Decadal acceleration of upper Indian Ocean warming [abstract] [video]
Bas van Ruijven, NCAR/CGD Impacts of climate change on building energy use [abstract] [video]
Gerald Meehl, NCAR/CGD Antarctic sea ice should be melting but it’s not: Connections to global temperature trends and decadal variability in the tropical Pacific [abstract] [ video]
Jorge Sarmiento, Princeton University  The Outsized Role of the Southern Ocean in the Regulation of Carbon, Heat, and Biological Productivity [abstract] [ video]
Elizabeth Maroon, CIRES The influence of the Rocky Mountains on the ocean's Meridional Overturning Circulation [abstract] [ video]
Hannah Christensen, NCAR/CGD Revisiting the parametrization problem [abstract] [video]
Alistair Rogers, Brookhaven National Laboratory The Representation of Photosynthesis in Earth System Models [abstract] [video]
Erik Larson, NOAA CMIP5 estimate of Earth's energy budget [abstract] [video]
Brian Toon, CU/LASP Climate change on Mars [abstract] [video]
*Ali Mashayek, MIT Overturning the circulation of the ocean [abstract] [video]
*Satoshi Kimura, Nansen Environmental and Remotee Sensing Center Oceanographic controls on the variability of ice-shelf basal melting and circulations of glacial meltwater in the Amundsen Sea Embayment [abstract] [ video]
*Simone Marras, Stanford University Some numerical challenges in computational fluid dynamics for atmospheric and ocean simulations [abstract] [ video]
Jadwiga Richter, NCAR/CGD The quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO): Past, present, and the future [abstract] [ video]
*Bill Lipscomb, Los Alamos National Lab Modeling Ice Sheets and Sea Level with the Community Earth System Model [abstract] [ video]
*Dan Whitt, NCAR/CGD Exploring mesoscale-to-submesoscale Earth system dynamics in the upper ocean: How unsteady winds fuel phytoplankton growth at ocean fronts [abstract] [ video]
*Scott Bachman, University of Cambridge Muddied waters: Large-scale ocean eddy closures for CMIP6 and beyond [abstract] [ video]
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR/CGD The Importance of Cloud Microphysics for Climate Forcing and Feedbacks [abstract] [ video]
Kristopher Karnauskas, CU Boulder Detecting the influence of the Hadley circulation on Atlantic hurricanes through OLR [abstract] [ video]
Peter Sullivan, NCAR/MMM Boundary-layer induced frontogenesis in the ocean surface layer [abstract] [video]
Cassandra Brooks, Stanford University Policies for managing the global commons: The case of marine protected areas in Antarctica [abstract] [ video]
Isla Simpson, NCAR/CGD Why do modelled and observed surface stress climatologies differ in the trade-wind regions? [abstract] [ video]
Brian Medeiros, NCAR/CGD Trade-wind clouds in climate models: How bad is good enough? [abstract] [video]
Patrick Laloyaux, ECMWF Earth system climate reanalyses at ECMWF [abstract] [ video]
Sebastian Ortega, Georgia Institute of Technology The planetary scale circulation of the tropical upper troposphere and its influence on tropical weather [abstract] [ video]
Jessica Luo, NCAR/CGD Gelatinous zooplankton in marine ecosystems: a neglected but critical link in the ocean carbon cycle [abstract] [ video]
Ahmed Tawfik, NCAR/CGD When does the land surface matter? Surface-Convection Feedbacks and Models [abstract] [video]
Kathleen Pegion, George Mason University Which Predictability Estimates are Most Realistic? [abstract] [video]
Colin Zarzycki, NCAR/CGD Tracking extremes in climate data: community defragging and understanding uncertainty [abstract] [ video]
Alice DuVivier, NCAR/CGD Modeled air-sea interactions around southeastern Greenland [abstract] [video]
Liz Drenkard, Rutgers Anticipating Pacific Coral Reef Resilience and Susceptibility to Climate Variability [abstract] [video]
Kevin Trenberth, NCAR/CGD Implications of Earth’s energy imbalance for surface fluxes and especially ocean heat transports [abstract] [ video]
Reto Knutti, ETH Zurich  Climate sensitivity, the limits of linear models and implications for science and society [abstract] [video]
Jennifer Balch, CU Boulder Frontier fire in the Amazon: Local to global consequences of human-altered fire regimes in tropical forests[abstract] [video]
Judith Berner, NCAR/CGD Improving ENSO variability in the Community Earth System model by increasing resolution and introducing stochastic perturbations [abstract] [ video]

* CGD Scientist Candidate