YOTC Presentations

CLIVAR Interagency Group, Washington DC, Presentation6/2/10
US Thorpex Ex. Committee, Mexico City, Mexico5/21/10
AMS Trop. Met. & Hurricane Conf, Tucson, AZ5/13/10
AGU Fall Meeting, YOTC Session, San Francisco, CA12/13/09
WMO Commission on Atmospheric Sciences, 5th CAS, Incheon, S. Korea11/20/09
WMO Commission on Atmospheric Sciences, Pre-CAS, Incheon, S. Korea11/16/09
ICSC THORPEX ????, ?? Germany11/??/09
Working Group on Coupled Modeling, San Francisco, CA9/29/09
YOTC Implementation Planning Meeting, Honolulu, HI7/13/09
WCRP VAMOS Panel Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico6/3/09
AGU Spring Meeting, YOTC-related Session, Toronto, Canada5/25/09
CLIVAR SSG Meeting, Madrid, Spain5/19/09
NOAA Workshop on ISI Prediction, Presentation2/20/2009
IITM, Pune, India, Presentation2/11/2009
NCMWRF, New Delhi, Presentation2/10/2009
AMS, Phoenix, Science Session1/12-16, 2009
US Thorpex Executive Committee1/7/2009
CMMAP Science Team Mtg, Presentation1/6/2009
AGU, San Francisco, Science Session12/15-19, 2008
3rd Int. HiRes Modeling, Hawaii, Presentation12/3/2008
WMO IV Monsoon Workshop, Beijing, Presentation10/20/2008
Pan-WCRP Monsoon Workshop, Beijing, Presentation10/20/2008
Central Weather Bureau, Tapei, Presentation10/17/2008
THORPEX Science Steering Meeting, Geneva, Presentation & Discussions10/17/2008
National Taiwan University, Tapei, Presentation10/14/2008
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Presentation10/6/2008
CloudSat Science Team, Seattle, Presentation8/19-21, 2008
Monsoon Variability and Prediction, Trieste, Presentation8/11-13, 2008
WMO/CAS WWRP JSC, Geneva, Presentation & Discussions7/23-25, 2008
US CLIVAR Summit, Irvine, Presentation7/14-17, 2008
Asian Monsoon Year (AMY) Workshop, Busan, Presentation6/18/2008
Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Climate Center (APCC), Busan, Presentation6/17/2008
Asian Oceanic and Geophysical Society (AOGS), Busan, Presentation6/16-19, 2008
AMS Hurricanes & Tropical Meteorology, Orlando, Presentation4/28-5/2, 2008
TIGGE Working Group Meeting, Pretoria, Briefing3/11-13, 2008
THORPEX Executive Committee, Geneva, Briefing2/7/2008
T-PARC Planning Meeting, Kuai, Briefing12/4-6, 2007
YOTC Science Planning Meeting, Washington DC11/13-14, 2007
CLIVAR MJO Workshop, Irvine, Presentation11/5-7, 2007
JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), Shanghai, Presentation10/22-26, 2007
US Interagency Working Group on Climate Variability and Change,Wash. DC., Briefing9/15/2007
CLIVAR SSG Meeting, Geneva, Presentation9/11-14, 2007
Pan WCRP Monsoon Scoping Meeting, Bali, Briefing/Discussion9/5/2007
Inter-Commission Coordination Group on the WMO Information System (WIS), Reading, Breifing9/4-7, 2007
2nd AMY Meeting, Bali, Briefing/Discussion9/3/2007
US CLIVAR Summit, Annapolis, Presentation7/23-25, 2007
Science Planning Group, Formation6/15/2007
THORPEX Southern Hemisphere Workshop, Breifing5/28-30, 2007
US National Academies Climate Research Committee (CRC), Presentation/Review5/17/2007
US National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC), Presentation/Review5/17/2007
GEWEX Newsletter, YOTC Article5/1/2007
1st AMY Meeting, Bejing, Briefing/Discussion4/23-25, 2007
THORPEX International Core Steering Committee (ICSC)4/23-26, 2007
WWRP JSC Meeting, Geneva, Presentation & Endorse4/23-25, 2007
THORPEX TPARC Meeting, Monterey, Discussion4/3-4, 2007
WCRP VOCALS Experiment, Discussions/Connections4/2/2007
WCRP JSC Meeting, Zanzibar, Presentation & Endorse3/27-29, 2007
WCRP AAMP YoTC Endorsement3/23/2007
WMO/CAS Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research (WGTMR), Guangzhou, Briefing3/22-24, 2007
NSF CMMAP Team Meeting, Kuai, Presentation3/20-22, 2007
WWRP Tropical Meteorological Research Program, Briefing/Connection2/23/2007
GEWEX SSG, Honolulu, Presentation2/22-26, 2007
CLIVAR AAMP, Honolulu, Presentation2/19-20, 2007
AMS Annual Meeting, Funding/Science Discussion1/18/2007
MAHASRI/AMY Workshop, Tokyo, Briefing1/8-10, 2007
Second THORPEX International Science Symposium (STISS), Landshut, Presentation12/4-8, 2006
WCRP Officers, Chairs & Directors Meeting, Bejing11/7-8, 2006
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Briefing10/29/2006
WCRP Modeling Panel (WMP), Presentation10/24-27, 2006
JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), Presentation10/24/2006
THORPEX + WCRP White Papers, Reading, Summary10/11-13, 2006
Asian Monsoon Year (AMY), Contact/Inform10/10/2006
Pan-GEWEX, Frascati, Presentation10/9-13, 2006
CLIVAR AAMP, 2nd Review10/5/2006
European Commission - WMO Meeting, Brussels, Briefing9/25/2006
3rd WMO Information System (WIS) Enhancement Meeting, Presentation8/8/2006
TIGGE, Discussions7/31/2006
US CLIVAR SUMMIT, Breckenridge, Presentation7/26-28, 2006
NOAA AOML, Inform7/20/2006
UCAR Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS)/Earth Observation Laboratory (EOL), Boulder, Inform/Solicitation7/13/2006
CLIVAR ICPO, Solicit Field Program Web Site Help7/10/2006
NCAR-TIMES Retreat on Tropical Convection, Boulder, Presentation7/10-14, 2006
JSC/CAS Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE), Briefing6/27/2006
GEWEX-GCSS, Inform/Solicitation6/25/2006
Chair of CAS, Briefing6/21/2006
WMO Executive Council, Briefing6/21/2006
NCEP & CPC/NCEP, Inform/Solicitation6/13/2006
GEWEX IGPO/CEOP, Review6/12/2006
NASA/GMAO, Inform/Solicitation6/12/2006
NOAA/CDC, Inform/Solicitation6/12/2006
US DOE ARM/CAPT, Inform/Solicitation6/12/2006
CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel (AAMP), Review6/11/2006
NASA/JPL, Inform/Solicitation5/27/2006
Thorpex Exective Board, Geneva, Inform5/15-16, 2006
CLIVAR-SSG,Buenos Aires, Presentation4/19-22, 2006
WCRP+THORPEX+ICTP MJO/Convection Workshop, Trieste, Inception3/13-17, 2006