VEMAP Phase 2 Data Policy

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Use of the VEMAP 2 dataset is subject to the following guidelines and restrictions:  

(1) Users may confer with the NCAR VEMAP Data Group to ensure that the intended application of the dataset is consistent with the generation and limitations of the data. (For example, the VEMAP 2 Historical Climate dataset is not designed for rigorous testing of climatic trends and changes in interannual variability with time.)

(2) To help us identify dataset errors or inconsistencies, we request that users contact the NCAR VEMAP Data Group regarding problems with files, access, content, etc.

(3) The HadCM2 Climate Scenario is released only for purposes related to VEMAP or the U. S. National Assessment. For any other purposes, users must get permission directly from David Viner at LINK (

(4) Credit in publications resulting from the use of the VEMAP 2 data must be given (a) by citation of appropriate VEMAP data papers, and (b) by acknowledgement of VEMAP and the Ecosystem Dynamics and the Atmosphere Section, National Center for Atmospheric Research for access to the data.


Revised 26 February 2002