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VEMAP 2 Alaska Suh - GCM simulation of 20th century climate.

Monthly  variables (daily files are available through ORNL):

This dataset is a subset of VEMAP 2's GCM future climate scenarios, applied to the 20th century.  In contrast, the VEMAP 2 model intercomparison project used historically based climate for the 20th century.

To create the GCM simulation of 20th century climate, we applied the same methods used to create the future climate scenarios.  We created a time series of deltas and ratios by comparing the monthly maximum/minimum temperature and precipitation time series against the GCM 1961-1990 baseline period.  These deltas/ratios were then applied to the historical climate 1961-1990 baseline period to simulate a year time series for the 20th century.

CGCM1:  1900 - 1996
HadCM2: 1895 - 1996

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