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VEMAP Phase 1 Equilibrium Response Publications

Pan, Y.D., J.M. Melillo, A.D. McGuire, D.W. Kicklighter, L.F. Pitelka, K. Hibbard, L.L. Pierce, S.W. Running, D.S. Ojima, W.J. Parton, and D.S. Schimel 1998. Modeled responses of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated atmospheric CO2: A comparison of simulations by the biogeochemistry models of the Vegetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project (VEMAP). Oecologia 114:389-404.

Schimel, D.S., VEMAP Participants and B.H. Braswell. 1997. Continental scale variability in ecosystem processes: Models, data, and the role of disturbance. Ecological Monographs 67: 251-271

Kittel, T.G.F, N.A. Rosenbloom, T.H. Painter, D.S. Schimel, H.H. Fisher, A. Grimsdell, VEMAP Participants, C. Daly, and E.R. Hunt, Jr. 1996. The VEMAP Phase I database: An integrated input dataset for ecosystem and vegetation modeling for the conterminous United States. CDROM and World Wide Web (URL=

Rosenbloom, N., and T.G.F. Kittel. 1996. A User’s Guide to the VEMAP Phase I Database. NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-431+IA, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO. 53 pp. ON-LINE DOCUMENT

Kittel, T.G.F, NA Rosenbloom, T.H. Painter, D.S. Schimel, and VEMAP Modeling Participants. 1995. The VEMAP integrated database for modeling United States ecosystem/vegetation sensitivity to climate change. Journal of Biogeography. 22(4-5):857-862. ABSTRACT

VEMAP Members. 1995. Vegetation/Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project (VEMAP): Comparing biogeography and biogeochemistry models in a continental-scale study of terrestrial ecosystem responses to climate change and CO2 doubling. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 9(4): 407-437.

VEMAP Phase 2 Transient Dynamics Publications

Fuentes, M., T.G.F. Kittel, and D. Nychka. 2006. Sensitivity of ecological models to their climate drivers: Statistical ensembles for forcing. Ecological Applications, 16:99-116. PDF

Kittel, TGF, N.A. Rosenbloom, J.A. Royle, C. Daly, W.P. Gibson, H.H. Fisher, P. Thornton, D.N. Yates, S. Aulenbach, C. Kaufman, R. McKeown, D. Bachelet, D.S. Schimel, VEMAP2 Participants.  2004.  VEMAP Phase 2 bioclimatic database. I. Gridded historical (20th) century climate for modeling ecosystem dynamics across the conterminous USA.  Climate Research.  vol 27. no. 2, p. 151-170.  PDF

Gordon, W. S., and J. S. Famiglietti. 2004. Response of the water balance to climatic change in the United States over the 20th and 21st centuries: Results from the VEMAP Phase 2 model intercomparisons. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 18 (1) GB1030, 10.1029/2003GB002098.  PDF

Gordon, W. S., J. S. Famiglietti, N. L. Fowler, T. G. F. Kittel, and K. A. Hibbard. 2004. Validation of simulated runoff from six terrestrial ecosystem models: Results from VEMAP. Ecological Applications 14(2): 527-545.  PDF

Schimel, D., J. Melillo, H. Tian, AD McGuire, D. Kicklighter, T. Kittel, N. Rosenbloom, S. Running, P. Thornton, D. Ojima, W. Parton, R. Kelly, M. Sykes, R. Neilson, and B. Rizzo. 2000. Contribution of increasing CO2 and climate to carbon storage by ecosystems of the United States.  Science 287:2004-2006. ABSTRACT

Kittel, T.G.F., J.A. Royle, C. Daly, NA Rosenbloom, W.P. Gibson, H.H. Fisher, D.S. Schimel, L.M. Berliner, and VEMAP2 Participants. 1997. A gridded historical (1895-1993) bioclimate dataset for the conterminous United States. Pages 219-222, in: Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Applied Climatology, 20-24 October 1997, Reno, NV. American Meteorological Society, Boston.

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