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The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3)

The NCAR Community Climate Model (CCM3) is no longer supported, use the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) for the latest model that includes limited support for use of the community.



The ccm-users discussion group was a e-mail discussion group for users of the NCAR CCM (Community Climate Model). With the introduction of CAM (Community Atmosphere Model) the latest incarnation of the CCM, users on the CCM e-mail list were moved to the "cam-users@ucar.edu" e-mail list. Users of either the CCM or of CAM can post questions to the "cam-users" e-mail list. For information on the "cam-users" list see the CAM Home page at...


CCM-users mail archives

The messages sent to the ccm-users e-mail list are archived by year. To view previous messages sent to the list click on the appropriate year. Each archive is sorted by thread, date, and author.

Last modified: Aug/ 1/2002

Remember CCM3 is now unsupported, use CAM for the latest Atmospheric Model for use of climate science.

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