Ahlert, Abigail, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Allard, Rick, Naval Research Laboratory [email]

Bailey, Dave, NCAR-CGD [email]

Bitz, Cecilia, University of Washington [email]

Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, Edward, University of Washington [email]

Counillon, Francois, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center [email]

Farrell, Sinead, University of Maryland [email]

Hebert, David, Naval Research Laboratory [email]

Holland, Marika, NCAR-CGD [email]

Hunke, Elizabeth, Los Alamos National Laboratory [email]

Hutchings, Jenny, Oregon State University [email]

Jahn, Alexandra, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Jeffery, Nicole, Los Alamos National Laboratory [email]

Kay, Jen, University of Colorado, Boulder [email]

Kwok, Ronald, Jet Propulsion Laboratory [email]

Mahoney, Andy, University of Alaska [email]

Markus, Thorsten, Goddard Space Flight Center [email]

Perovich, Donald, Dartmouth College [email]

Posey, Pam, Naval Research Laboratory [email]

Richter-Menge, Jackie, CRREL [email]

Roberts, Andrew, Naval Postgraduate School [email]

Schweiger, Axel, Polar Science Center [email]

Solomon, Amy, NOAA [email]

Svensson, Gunilla, Stockholm University [email]

Urrego Blanco, Jorge, Los Alamos National Laboratory [email]

Wagner, Tom, NASA [email]

Webster, Melinda, Goddard Space Flight Center [email]

Zhang, Jinlun, Polar Science Center [email]

Zhang, Yongfei, University of Washington [email]