Welcome Day 1
M. Holland, NCAR

How thick is the ice?
D. Perovich, Dartmouth College; J. Richter-Menge, CRREL

Estimates of sea ice thickness: Remote Sensing
R. Kwok, JPL

Sea Ice Modeling: An Overview
E. Hunke, LANL

Sea ice thickness
E. Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, University of Washington

Recent Improvements in the U.S. Navy’s Ice Modeling Efforts Using CryoSat-2 Ice Thickness for Model Initialization
R. Allard, NRL; D. Hebert, NRL; P. Posey, NRL; A. Wallcraft, NRL; L. Li, NRL; W. Johnston, Computational Physics, Inc.; M. Phelps, Jacobs Engineering

Sea Ice Data Assimilation in the Arctic via DART/CICE5 in the CESM1
Y. Zhang, University of Washington; C. Bitz, University of Washington; J. Anderson, NCAR; N. Collins, NCAR; T. Hoar, NCAR; K. Raeder, NCAR

Application, Data assimilation: A perspective from Norway
F. Counillon, NERSC

Satellite Emulators in Multi-scale sea ice models
A Roberts, NPS; S. Farrell, University of Maryland; E. Hunke, LANL; A. Jahn, CU Boulder; K. Beach, US Navy; J. Richter-Menge, CRREL

Welcome Day 2
D. Bailey, NCAR

Airing of Grievances
D. Bailey, NCAR; A. Schweiger, Applied Physics Laboratory; A. Jahn, CU Boulder

Freeboard and draft
A. Mahoney, University of Alaska

E. Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, University of Washington

Polar Prediction Workshop 2017
C. Bitz, University of Washington