Paleo and Polar Climate Staff Research

Bailey, Dave

Climate system modelling and the interactions between sea ice, the atmosphere, and the oceans.

Brady, Esther

Using Earth System Models as a tool to investigate past climates, climate variability and abrupt change, with a focus on the role of ocean circulation.

DuVivier, Alice K.

Coupled earth system modeling, with a focus on interactions between atmosphere, upper ocean, and sea ice at high latitudes.

Holland, Marika

Role of sea ice and polar regions in the climate system, including ice/ocean/atmosphere feedback mechanisms, high latitude climate variability, and abrupt climate change; coupled climate modeling and the improvement of sea ice models for climate simulations.

Landrum, Laura

Sea ice and polar oceanography, including interactions between climate and sea ice, sea ice and ocean circulation, sea ice variability, climate system modeling, and climate of the last millennium.

Leguy, Gunter

I am a project scientist working on land ice modeling. My research interests focus on improving real ice sheet simulation with the goal of better understanding ice sheet-Earth climate system interactions. I am also interested in the societal impact of climate on society, and more specifically, sea-level rise.

Lipscomb, William

Evolution of land ice and sea level in the climate system, with a focus on ice sheet model development and applications; lead developer of the Community Ice Sheet Model; co-chair of the CESM Land Ice Working Group.

Otto-Bliesner, Bette

Bette uses computer-based models of Earth's climate system to investigate past climate change and climate variability across a wide range of time scales. She is involved in research projects that focus on Last Millennium Variability, Glacial-Interglacial Climates and Abrupt Changes, Arctic Warmth and the Greenland Ice Sheet, and Cretaceous Climates.

Thayer-Calder, Katherine

Software engineering liaison to the CESM Land Ice Working Group.

Zhu, Jiang

Past and future climate changes, with a focus on climate sensitivity, large-scale ocean circulation, and ocean-atmosphere coupled variability.

Sacks, Bill

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Fasullo, John

NCAR's Climate Data GuideNCAR's Climate Variability Diagnostics Package; diagnostic studies of the observed global energy and water budgets under climate variability and change; assessments of simulations of these budgets by global coupled models (NCAR’s Large and Last Millennium Ensembles, CMIP3, CMIP5).

Tomas, Robert

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Rothstein, Mathew


Lofverstrom, Marcus


Kiehl, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kiehl carries out climate research focused on Earth's deep geologic past, including the end-Permian (252 Ma), the end-Cretaceous (65Ma) and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (55 Ma). In particular, he focuses on changes in Earth's water cycle during these periods.

Sommers, Aleah

Ice sheet dynamics; ice sheet/ocean/atmosphere interactions; coupled earth system modeling with a focus on the Greenland Ice Sheet during the Last Interglacial.