Previous Research

Climate Impacts of Contrails

I and my team have done work over the years to better estimate the climate impact of cirrus clouds. More general details on avation's effect on the atmosphere are available in the IPCC special report Aviation and the Global Atmosphere.

Water Vapor Isotopes

I am involved in several different efforts using stable isotopes of water vapor to understand the hydrologic cycle. This includes work with in-situ aircraft data from ALIAS in a collaboration with C. Webster (NASA-JPL). A paper has been submitted to JGR on this work, see my publications page. I have also been collaborating to put isotopes in the NCAR global modeling system (CAM and WACCM).

Data Analyis with EOS Instruments

In conjunction with Bill Randel (NCAR, ACD) and the AIRS team at JPL we are working with AIRS and MODIS data to try to better understand clouds in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UT/LS). A forthcoming paper in GRL will discuss some detailed validation of AIRS and MODIS in the UT/LS region.

Information Divide Survey

I am conducting a survey from October 2001-October 2002 on the 'information divide' in the climate sciences. This survey is electronic, as well as having a field component.

Water Vapor Assessment Activities

I have been coordinating chapter 3 of the Water Vapor Assement (WAVAS) of the Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC) program.

Aircraft emissions and Strat-Trop Exchange

My dissertation research, working with Prof. Jim Holton at UW on stratosphere-troposphere exchange, and aircraft emissions in the atmosphere. The work was also conducted with Dr. Anne Douglass in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

My previous research, see my publications list, has included work with the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite studying the strat-trop exchange of ozone, and some statistical climate modeling as an undergraduate.