Teaching Interests

My teaching focus is to use multiple approaches to make the material accessible for different learning styles. For example, sometimes understanding is found visually or graphically, and sometimes numerically. From personal experience as a student and a teacher, I have found that creating interest and understanding requires a variety of approaches. I have found this generally works at all levels, from 2nd grade up through undergraduate and graduate students. I also value the development of my own written and oral communication skills inherent in teaching.

I am very comfortable in teaching climate, atmospheric dynamics, dynamic meteorology or atmospheric chemistry at a basic or advanced level. Recently I led efforts to teach a Climate Modeling Tutorial for the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model and the Community Earth System Model in 2009 and 2010. I have also taught at several summer schools, in addition to organizing in the past a basic graduate climate course at the University of Colorado.

I have also taught courses in Climate Dynamics at ETH in Zurich, and at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. I have also co-written a book with Prof. Richard Rood, Demystifying Climate Models which is available for free online (with teaching aids).