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Changes in the Arctic Ocean: A story in T, S, and V [View] [Download]Mike Steele
Simulated Arctic sea ice and ocean change [View] [Download]Alexandra Jahn
Observed Arctic land change [View] [Download]Ted Schuur
Modeling Arctic terrestrial processes and feedbacks [View] [Download]David Lawrence
Observed land ice change [View] [Download]Bea Csatho
Simulated land ice change [View] [Download]Sophie Nowicki
Observed atmosphere and water cycle change [View] [Download]Mark Serreze
Simulated Arctic atmosphere circulation change [View] [Download]Paul Kushner
Ocean heat fluxes and rapid sea ice decline [View] [Download]Bruno Tremblay
Consequences of a warming Arctic Ocean [View] [Download]Mary-Louise Timmermans
Changing snow on sea ice [View] [Download]Melinda Webster
Observed wetland and aquatic change [View] [Download]Merritt Turetsky
Upcoming atmospheric observations and science [View] [Download]Steven Cavallo
A New Satellie Mission to Improve Arctic Surface Energy and Mass Budgets [View] [Download]Tristan L'Ecuyer
Feedback in the marginal ice zone from wave-ice interactions [View] [Download]Cecilia Bitz
Quantifying the role that terrestrial ecosystems play in Earth's climate [View] [Download]Abby Swann
Light in the ice-ocean system [View] [Download]Don Perovich
The atmospheric boundary layer response to sea ice loss [View] [Download]Jennifer Kay
Importance of surface forcing and feedback in the stable polar atmosphere [View] [Download]Mark Flanner
Fjords in Flux: Downstream Impacts of Greenland Melt [View] [Download]Irina Overeem