Teaching, Fieldwork, Service

Photo by Sandy Purtlebaugh
Giving my PhD defense.

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Diversity and Inclusion



Radiative feedback kernels, Carnegie Institution of Science, Feb 2018


NCAR ASP Summer Colloquium 2017 - Orographic precipitation

Guest lecturer

University of Colorado - Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
ATOC 1060: Our Changing Environment

University of Washington - Department of Atmospheric Sciences
ATMS 442: Atmospheric dynamics
ATMS 321: Climate variability and change
(Guest facilitator) ATMS 552: Objective analysis

Teaching Assistant

University of Washington - Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences 111: Global warming (with Professor Dargan Frierson, Winter 2011)
Atmospheric Sciences 101:Weather (with Professor Robert Houze, Fall 2007)
Led 3-4 discussion sections per week; designed and evaluated homeworks, quizzes, and tests; held office hours; administered clicker questions

Math tutor

University of Miami Department of Mathematics, 2003-2006

Student Assistant aboard Explorer of the Seas

Assisted with meteorological instrumentation class aboard Royal Carribean Explorer of the Seas (with Professor Bruce Albrecht, Spring break 2005)


NCAR CGD Extremes cross-cutting theme co-lead
IPCC AR6 WG1 Contributing Author, Chapter 8: Water Cycle Changes
Aspen Global Change Institute Science Committee member
Coordinator of white paper: Inclusive Scientific Meetings

Reviewer for journals and funding agencies, see my CV for details

Conference Organization

DOE Workshop

July 2019: Co-organizer, Using Observationally Based Metrics to Evaluate and Improve Earth System Model Precipitation


2018: Local organizing committee member

Aspen Global Change Institute

September 2018: Co-organizer, "When the Rain Stops: Drought on Subseasonal and Longer Timescales"
May 2018: Co-organizer, "Being the 'Change' in Global Change Science: Promoting a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"

Ocean Sciences Meeting

2018: Co-convener for Air-Sea Exchange Processes in Western Boundary Current Systems and Marginal Seas: Their Local and Remote Climatic Implications

AGU Fall Meeting

2016: Co-convener and session chair for Atmospheric Circulation and Hydrological Cycle under a Changing Climate: Monsoons, Storm Tracks, and the ITCZ
2015: Co-convener and session chair for Dynamics of the hydrological cycle: Monsoons, storm tracks, and the ITCZ

Graduate climate conference

2012: Abstract committee, Climate dynamics session chair
2009: Executive committee
2007: Social committee chair

American Meteorological Society Student conference

2008 Planning committee, Undergraduate Session chair
2011 Seattle liaison

Community-oriented activities

Coodinator of student forecast team (from UW AMS Student Chapter) for OAR Northwest

A team of four rowers, OAR Northwest, propelled themselves, unsupported, around Vancouver Island (April-May 2012) and most of the way across the Atlantic, from Senegal to just outside of the Bermuda Triangle, (early 2013). Their mission is to bring knowledge of science and the environment to the public, especially students, by inspiring them with adventurous feats. I led a team of students who provided weather updates for the boat and for the weather component of their education and outreach. (See my page of weather links for the Africa to the Americas expedition and the Salish Sea Expedition).

In September 2014, I had the pleasure of rowing with OAR Northwest for the portion of their journey down the length of the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to La Crosse, WI, visiting an elementary school (covered by the La Crosse Tribune) and posting on social media about the adventure to reach students.

Leadership team, 500 Women Scientists

2016-2017 leadership team member, local chapter global coordinator
Led initiative on Inclusive Scientific Meetings

Textbook reviewer

I provided substantial feedback on the second edition of Modern Marine Weather, a textbook developed by the Starpath School of Navigation that is widely used by mariners.

UW Atmos Outreach contributor

I've developed a severe weather presentation, visited schools and fairs, and given presentations to visiting students.

Media coverage (selected)

Colorado Public Radio: Climate change means more rainfall and flooding, but not less drought (radio interview)
9 News Denver: Boulder scientist: Half the world's precipitation falls in just 12 days (TV interview)
Weather.com: Half the World's Annual Precipitation Falls In Just 12 Days, Study Says
Boulder Daily Camera: Study finds most rain falls in just a few days
Spektrum.de: Wie der Klimawandel Überschwemmungen bringt
foxnews.com: Half of the year's rain falls on Earth in just 12 days
Science News: In just 12 days, the world gets half of its annual rainfall
Nature News: Why extreme rains are gaining strength as the climate warms
Aspen Times: The water impact in Roaring Fork Valley
Business Insider: Rainstorms are now up to 70% stronger and wetter than they were in the 1950s — and this is only the beginning
Daily Mail: Global warming is not just a blanket trapping heat on Earth - it's more like tanning oil
La Crosse Tribune: Summit students learn from real-life explorers

Field Experience

Graduate student science crew member

NEMO Deployment and Shelf Science Cruise, University of Washington Applied Physics Lab
22 - 26 April 2013
R/V Thompson
(I'm one of the two UW graduate students in the first photo)

CTD Watch Stander

CLIVAR P6 Leg 2 (Oceanography cruise)
4 January - 10 February 2010
R/V Melville
(My contribution to the expedition blog)