Research Workshop Presentations & Videos

Quinn ThomasWelcome {presentation} {video}
Jim RandersonThe state of the carbon cycle in CMIP5 models: Processes, feedbacks, and future research directions {presentation} {video}
Ning ZengThe changing cycle of atmospheric CO2 {video}
Taka ItoPhysical and biological controls on the ocean carbon storage {presentation} {video}
Ying Ping WangEffects of nutrient limitation onland carbon uptake and its implications on climate change prediction and mitigation {presentation} {video}
Phillipe CiaisChallenges in soil carbon modeling and links to the river carbon cycle {presentation} {video}
Curtis DeutschClimate regulation of the oceanic N cycle {presentation} {video}
Sara ViccaNutrient availability determines forests' carbon sequestration - a global synthesis {presentation} {video}
Anna CabreSouthern Ocean response to climate change in CMIP5 models {presentation} {video}
Adrian BurdThe fate of particulate organic material in the oceans {presentation} {video}
Serita FreyTerrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics: Effects of Heterotrophic Respiration {presentation} {video}
Christian LonborgDissolved organic matter (DOM) - microbe interactions {presentation} {video}
Tom VanwalleghenTowards modeling global soil erosion and its importance for the terrestrial carbon cycle {presentation} {video}
Rosie FisherCompetition, co-existence and diversity in vegetation models {presentation} {video}
Tim LentonCapturing evolution and ecology in a global ocean model {presentation} {video}
Sophie FausetModeling tropical forest dynamics using an individual-based forest simulator {presentation} {video}
David NicholsonA cellular allocation modeling approach for representing the ecophysiology of marine primary producers {presentation} {video}
Galen McKinleyUsing data to elucidate feedback mechanisms in the ocean carbon cycle {presentation} {video}
Kevin BowmanThe NASA Carbon Monitoring System {presentation} {video}
Kiona OgleStrategies for applying individual-based models of forest dynamics at regional to continental scales {presentation} {video}
Jeff ChambersTree mortality and forest-atmosphere interactions under a warming climate {presentation} {video}
Charles KovenModeling terrestrial carbon-climate dynamics in the northern high latitudes {presentation} {video}
Nicole LovenduskiCarbon in the Southern Ocean: Known knowns and known unknowns {presentation} {video}
Rondrotiana BarimalalaRepresentation of the Indian Ocean biophysical interannual variability in the CMIP5-ESM models {presentation} {video}
Tom AndersonRole of zooplankton in marine ecosystems and modeling perspectives {presentation} {video}
Jeff HickeThe role of biotic disturbance agents in carbon-climate connections {presentation} {video1} {video2}